कलम  हाथ में है लिखूं तो लिखूं क्या  ?
नहीं मानता  दिल धड़कता बहुत है,
इसे जब भी पढना  ,अकेले  में पढना
मेरे प्यार का ख़त  मेहेकता  बहुत  है..

कभी सोचा था तुझे ख्यालों  में
कभी माँगा  था दुआओं में तुझे
अब जाकर  मिले हो
खो ना दूँ ,दिल ये डरता बहुत  है !!

सारे जहाँ की खुशियाँ  हो तेरी पनाहों में
और सारे नज़ारे  आँखों में तेरी
हाथ थामे  तेरा अपने हाथों  में
अक्सर  ये सपना रातों  को जगाता  बहुत  है !!

तेरी  याद  जो हर वक़्त मिलती  है मुझसे
तेरे जहाँ मुझे लेकर  आ  जाती  है…
वापस  जाने को जब भी सोचती  हूँ
हर कदम  मेरा फिर बेहेकता  बहुत  है!!

शुक्रिया करू  उस खुदा  का या तेरे आगे सर  झुकाऊं
तुझे पाकर अपनी  ज़िन्दगी में …
मेरे घर का आँगन  चेहेकता  बहुत  है !!

For My Love….My Life…..

ThoughtsSometimes sitting alone , doing almost nothing…gazing at the sky , feels good and relaxed; I was enjoying one of such winter afternoon in my balcony … to my one side, was a road near by my house, quite busy..” Delhi road”!!! , other side stood another building similar like mine. below my balcony … was the residential parking ,so, a Mercedes was parked there ( reflecting a signature of space, comfort & capital),then , back to the skies… few little clouds, here and there, but there existence seemed not bothering anything in the surrounding… Suddenly a screaming sound brought me back to the REAL WORLD, a Jet airplane… How could I forget? Our house was situated near IGI Airport ,New Delhi. Hmmm ..So Busy sky … hahhahaha , rather a funny sentence.But real !!!

Busy people, Busy Lives.. Busy every part of society….. This Busy Bug has bitten every nook & corner of the world… Everyone running for something or someone…. Very few of us get time to relax and think for a while that “What for we are running ?” very few of us enjoy living , And tell me very frankly , are you one of them?

What so ever part of my life I have spent , will never come back to me now; but I have learnt a lot from that part and whenever I refused to learn ,Someone very close to me helped me out to face the reality , I will always be thankful to him whole my life long .. Previously , the way I used to think was different and it has changed totally now. WE PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO LIVE FIRST, TO ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER WE WANT TO ,THEN RUN BEHIND ANYTHING ELSE !!

Well, Its true as well that Situations and Time limits us at many edges of life,but regardless of all these factors we can make our attitude likewise so that even in most crutial time we can manage things peacefully and positively , having faith in ourselves .Time lost will never come back but the footprints  we left behind should always be remembered both on positive & negative part, to renergize ourselves at the time of downfall.Every single thing around has some bad and good aspects ..try to peep up at the good one,and ruin down the second half.

Coming back to my Balcony story , I saw a very cute little girl sitting inside the Mercedes … Smiling at me … I smiled back to her ,that moment sparkled a freshmess and I could feel more relaxed. The busy road was still busy but on the other side I could see a bouquet shop loaded with fresh flowers. Sun was going to say bye , birds were returing back to there homes and those nearly ignored clouds gathered up near the sun to decorate the scenery  .

Smiling  girl


“Eyes shed tears, heart prays for you,

You left this world for us but we never knew you” !

– Tanu

Know More About Captain Vikram Batra

1. Captain Batra, Tiger Hill Hero, dies as a Captain – By Rajiv K Phull

2.Heroism “”Captain Vikram Batra””

3.A Hero to Remember

4.Yeh Dil Maange More- Tribute to Captain Vikram Batra

5.Captain Batra lived up to his code name-  By Gaurav C Sawant

6.Lest we forget Capt. Vikram Batra

7.Palampur bids adieu to Vikram Batra

8.”Line of Fire”, an article narrating Subedar Sushant’s real story

Remember , Sher Shah of the summer of ’99!! Yes I am talking about the same Great Martyr ,the Kargil Hero, who happily laid down his life for his motherland , caring for nothing else than Victory of the Nation, Yes, Captain Vikram Batra! The man whose war motto” Ye Dil Maange More!!” made him an everlasting Hero. Today, I got something to share with you all ,an article which reflects a total different Vikram Batra (Luv), not as a soldier but as a Young & Loving Man .

I  read this article long time back on my friend’s pc and believe me , the very moment ,Respect and Love for Captain increased really deep in me . I was searching for this article since then but wasn’t able to get it …. and today ,I don’t know why , I hopelessly typed in google search”Memories of Laughter“… and surprisingly it was in front of me …. Totally unbelievable !!!!!!!!!

What else can come in mind of a  Captain’s fan !! I am giving the link here :“Memories of Laughter- By Veenu Sandhu” so that everyone who is in love with our country & army can have a look and get a chance to know another chapter of our Hero’s life , I don’t have any doubt in declaring it that all of you would love it and will surely get more attached to Captain Vikram Batra.

In addition I am attaching here a new pic of that great man ,” Our Beloved Sher Shah”.

Ye Dil Maange More………….


Opening up my wings today ..

No barriers around anymore…

Wanna take a fresh deep breath

No clouds of fear anymore….

Loads of  blissed red Roses…

Fresh breeze of a new morning …

 A night studded with stars..

Some pure soul is blessing me ..

A gentle smile , lil drops in my eyes…

Arms wide open ..Trying to touch skies..

Bidding Good Bye to old sorrows,

And waiting up for a new tomorrow !

In my hands you see is a bag here

Holding it up with gentle care..

Full of feelings & emotions..

And all my Love for my special ones..

Look the clouds are running away…

And a new rainbow is appearing there

Can you feel the purity in the wind?

I never found them likewise before..

Walking miles n miles along..

ए ज़िन्दगी मेरी..
तू किस डगर को चली,
साथ ले मुझे भी ज़रा…
मुझे भी दिखा
तेरे हैं जो नए से रास्ते ..
जिन्हें है जीना मुझे अभी …

क्यूँ इस रास्ते पर खड़े सभी
मुझसे इतने बेगाने लगते हैं ?
मैं जानती हूँ उन्हें ,
पर वो तो मुझसे अनजाने लगते हैं |

ज़िन्दगी तुझे इतना था चाहा मैंने..
इतने प्यार से तुझे संभाला है ..
क्या गिला हुआ मुझसे जो
तू भी आज मुझसे ही खफा है ?


It’s a daily routine of most of us … We do pray God daily before we start our day … The Good Morning …Join  hands ,close eyes , bow our head ..  but most of us forget that … He is the almighty.. whom we are praying and wishing for something … We all pray but , ask yourself for once…”Do I really pray with  heart”? ,”Is that a Prayer”?..and now tell me what’s the answer that you get from your heart? Most of you must be getting my point… coz you all know that we repeat same thing everyday… and you all must be getting the word NO as your answer…. Right?


Prayer is that holy and pure thing that lets you forget your real world.. you just remember your God.. and your love towards him… Being in Love with God is called Prayer…Just think  a condition when one of your closest friend meets you after a long time and you are very happy to meet him/her but he/she is too busy to listen you. You will surely feel very bad and it depends on your nature ,what reaction you are going to show.


Now  tell me Do you think that this Almighty is so unknown to your  feelings and thoughts that you can make him fool so easily … you  ask him a long list of your wishes and start thinking  that when is he going to fulfill them  , even when your mind is not at all praying completely.. Its just like a Bad network in a Mobile connection … How will he listen us until the network is not clear ? So , who is responsible for a clear network connection? You know the answer …..We are responsible !!


Real prayer is that when your emotions are so overwhelmed  that you don’t have anything to speak out ,just a feeling of completeness ,a feeling of crystal purity.. When your believes on God are so very strong … you will not have to ask him even for once … and your each and every wish will start getting complete from the same moment…


So I wish Today onward You will Pray for sure ….


Keep Praying & Keep Living ..


Rest is seen by The Almighty!!